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Who is The History Lady?

Jeanette Alessio-Way regularly lectures for community and professional organizations including the California School Library Association, San Diego State University and San Diego's Museum of Man. As "The History Lady™," she frequently gives talks in San Diego schools and libraries. Jeanette gives monthly presentations in private memory-care and nursing facilites in San Diego and Orange Counties, and is the only non-PhD speaker included in the popular Saddleback College Emeritus Institute Lecture Series. She was voted one of the top ten speakers in this series. Jeanette Alessio-Way is also a motivational speaker, encouraging people to follow their heart's purpose, no matter what their age. At the age of 75 she is lecturing 5 times a day!

Jeanette creates custom programs for special events and groups would be delighted to share her passion for historical facts and artifacts, or her inspiring personal story, with your audience.

How it all began

Jeanette’s professional speaking career got its start in her fifties, when stimulating conversation and trivia games became a purposeful daily regimen to combat her mother’s Alzheimer’s. When her mother moved to a nursing facility, Jeanette’s efforts organically expanded to include the other residents, and not just those with dementia. Before long she obtained a teaching credential from San Diego State University, promoting mental fitness by giving rousing presentations using her vast collection of antiques to engage audience participation.

The increasing popularity of Jeanette's unique and lively talks naturally led to more speaking engagements, not just in senior's facilities but for children in schools and libraries, then other organizations. The History Lady is always fun, relevent and enlightening, for people of all ages!

Jeanette's original lecture series Memories that Matter was recorded and produced as a 12-DVD set which is still available for purchase and is archived in the U.S. Library of Congress.

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Call (619) 462-6363 or Email Jeanette Alessio-Way. There is no other speaker like The History Lady!

"Jeanette has helped to revitalize the board and Friends of the Library in many ways. She is one of the most enthusiastic people I know...She is also a creative leader who is able to inspire and involve other people."
Community Service Companies Suzanne Hess, Supervising Librarian, El Cajon Library

"This celebration of the sense and sound of African-American history and culture is tender, sincere and provocative. The talented Ms. Alessio-Way gets to the heart of the matter leaving the listener smiling and nodding in approval."
Rosemary C. Duke, US History Teacher, Montgomery High School"

"We believe that you have opened the door to understanding a little wider and piqued the students' interest a little more. You shared a wonderful gift with our students and that is to be valued and appreciated."
Armando Melendrez, Sweetwater High School