Funny, Relevant, Enlightening

An Extraordinary Speaker!

Professional speaker, educator and cultural historian Jeanette Alessio-Way enlivens her talks with real objects and artifacts that engage and prompt audience participation in a way no slideshow can. She brings a traveling museum and commands a wealth of historic facts and anecdotes, delivered in a warm and congenial style. From schoolchildren to seniors, audiences of all ages are enthralled by Jeanette’s fun and enlightening talks.

Conferences, public events, private events, family reunions, clubs, schools, libraries, meetings, whatever your gathering or special occasion, The History Lady can create a custom presentation relevant to your audience. Treat your guests, students or employees to a highly entertaining orator.

Call (619) 462-6363 or Email Jeanette Alessio-Way. There is no other speaker like The History Lady!

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"...What I found particularly meaningful was your unvarnished retelling of some of our country's historical injustices that are frequently unknown or ignored."
James R. Kaspar, JRK Images

"The audience was riveted from beginning to end...Jeanette is beyond a storyteller, she SHOWS history with a steady stream of authentic props...I consider her one of American education's best kept secrets."
Craig Marshall, Public Speaker, Personal Consultant, Co-author of "The Next You"

"Your professionalism and presentation was outstanding and the response from those in attendance was enthusiastic and extremely well received."
Amy Whitman, Education Specialist, San Diego Museum of Man